Something Crafty Craft Show 2024 


Craft Show: Saturday, Sept. 21, 2024 from 9:00am – 4:00pm 


Strong preference selections made for handmade products. Specialty baskets are considered handmade. 

Other products considered on a first-come-first-serve basis and evaluated/accepted at the discretion of St. Nicholas.  Only the first vendor for Direct Selling Association companies (Tupperware, Pampered Chef, etc.) will be accepted as per DSA guidelines. Subsequent applications will be refunded.


CONTRACT RULES   Please keep this sheet for your reference.

  1. Each 8 ft. x 5.5 ft. space costs $50. (Some spaces may be deeper due to layout). The space only includes two chairs. NO tables will be supplied; each vendor must supply their own table(s.) Rental fee of $50 per space is non-refundable.  (If we are full or unable to accept your application, your fee will be refunded.)  Chairs will be put into your space unless you check that you don't want them. Additional chairs will be charged $5 each. Only one 8-ft table is permitted in each space.  We do not "hold" or "save" spaces while waiting for applications to arrive. The show will fill fast and spaces are on a first-come-first-serve basis, so be sure to get your application and payment in as soon as possible.  Proceeds benefit St. Nicholas Orthodox Church renovation projects.
  2. Specialty baskets with coffee/teas, cookies, candles, lotions, spices, etc. are accepted as handmade.  
  3. Ample parking on site. Banquet center overhead lighting is bright.  Electricity is available, but outlets are limited. If you need electricity, you must request it on your application and it will be granted on a first-received basis. 
  4. Vendors may sell specialty items such as pumpkin rolls, cookie trays or other items that do not compete with items being offered directly by St. Nicholas Orthodox Church. 
  5. Entry to the Banquet Center for set-up will be Friday 9/20/24 (4pm – 8pm) or Saturday 9/21/24 (6:45am – 8:45am). The Banquet Center will be locked overnight with proper security. Set-ups must be completed by 8:45am on the day of the show. No early breakdowns are permitted before 4pm.  
  6. All tables must be skirted to the floor to cover your table. Please make sure your tablecloths follow these guidelines. No lattice or tall displays over 6 feet are allowed for safety reasons. 
  7. No children under twelve are permitted behind the tables.  
  8. St. Nicholas personnel reserve the right to ask any craft person(s) or vendor(s) to leave the grounds if these contract rules are not met. This includes any confrontations between crafters, vendors, church personnel, and/or customers. Refunds will not be made to crafters due to any confrontation.  
  9. St. Nicholas personnel reserve the right to ask for removal of any items found objectionable, if your items are not displayed properly within your booth space, or if your booth is set up in a way causing a safety hazard.  Aisles must be kept open for fire regulations. 
  10. A waiting list will be established when we have a full show. We will call vendors from this list if we have an opening. Do not show up at the show unless we have called you. 
  11. Nothing can be glued, taped, or tacked on the walls or the floor. No burning of candles will be permitted.
  12. Vendor licenses are your responsibility. 
  13. St. Nicholas Orthodox Church or any of its personnel may not be held liable for any type of damages. This also includes people assisting crafters loading and unloading. 
  14. Deadline for all crafter applications is September 1, 2024. Note that spaces may be full prior to that date.   
  15. Application registrations are accepted via our St. Nicholas Marketplace website.  Please go to and create an account for login. Upon login, go to Something Crafty Craft Fair page and place appropriate items into your cart for check out.
    UPON CHECK OUT, in “special instructions”, REQUIRED INFORMATION, list the following:
    1. Name of your business
    2. Description of merchandise
    3. If no chair needed, list “NO CHAIR NEEDED”
    4. If electrical needed, list “ELECTRIC PLUG ACCESS REQUESTED”
  16. St. Nicholas Marketplace website will send an automated confirmation once your registration is received. If you do not receive this email within 30 minutes your registration was not received. 

Any questions please contact: Sarah Kunkle at or text 330-730-9414

Something Crafty Craft Fair
Something Crafty Craft Fair
Crafter Application

Place Number of spaces into your cart. 

Something Crafty Craft Fair
Eight ft Table Rental

Rent an 8' table in place of bringing your own. Limited

Something Crafty Craft Fair
Electrical Needed

Add 1 to cart if electrical requested. 

Something Crafty Craft Fair
Extra Chair

Add EXTRA chairs beyond 2 provided.