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Deadline to order is Friday, DECEMBER 11th at 5:00 PM

Christmas Cookie pickup is Dec 12th from 10 am to noon.

WELCOME FRIENDS!  Please bear with us as we build up our offerings.  We would love to offer you a full product line and full food menu but we must keep our own parishioners and volunteers as safe as we want you to remain.  Check back OFTEN as we are adding things daily.  The food items will be a set and limited menu for now though because we must follow safe practices and can only field so many in our kitchen and to have a full menu would take an army that would be unsafe.

We thank you for understanding. 


Our goal is to make this a monthly event--the first Tuesday of every month. Each month we will offer a different selection of foods.


This month we feature blini, borscht, kielbasa and chicken kiev. Next month we may do halupki and pierogi.

We will do assorted homemade Christmas cookies in December. In the spring before Easter, we probably will do kolachi and paskas.


Just like our way of life has changed during COVID-19, this is all new for us so we appreciate your patience as we learn along side of all of you.  

So please check back monthly at and maybe your favorite will be featured.

Thank you for your interest.